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Linda Selvey

Linda was born in 1960 in Johannesburg South Africa, and moved to Australia when she was 4.  Her parents are both doctors, and Linda was the middle child of 3.  Linda and her siblings were raised as atheists, and Linda … Continue reading

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Brigid Dowsett

Brigid was born in Bromley, Kent in early 1944, during a serious air-raid towards the end of World War 2.    Her father was in the diplomatic service, and her parents’ marriage was not always stable, so Brigid moved school 12 … Continue reading

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Nothing too serious for just before Xmas

(from a few years ago) This week saw an overnight trip to the wilds of Tasmania to referee a meeting about environmental issues between somewhat hostile Tasmanian locals, a few pleasant but slightly naïve greenies and some very enthusiastic ornithologists. … Continue reading

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On my escape from the planet of the beautiful people

For various reasons, I’ve been leading an insular life for the last 6 months. I’ve had the chance (or perhaps been forced) to slow down a lot, focusing closely on just my small part of the world and a little … Continue reading

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Witches, ghouls and economic forecasting

“Economists were put on earth to make astrologists look good.” West Wing Series 1 Episode 1 On Halloween night this year, Womerah Avenue was invaded by gangs of zombies, witches and the (more than) occasional fairy. Normally our street is … Continue reading

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On turning 50 – things I have learned

Turning 50 was a bit of a bugger – I found it more confronting that any of the previous big birthdays. It’s something to do with being half a century old, with the making of telemovies about political events that … Continue reading

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My week in fish food

Day 1 While sitting in our outside dunny, I pick up the can of fish food that lives out there, (handy access to my 14 free range gold-fish), and idly examine the label. “Made in China” it said. I am … Continue reading

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Fighting to the last drop of water

Two articles in the newspaper this week roused me from my school holiday brain-droop into fighting mode.  Governments continue to promote and support an either/or (zero sum) approach to environmental conflict resolution – an approach which is just not appropriate … Continue reading

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School holiday torpor – How modern technology helps modern families

#1 #2 #3 (stolen from a friend of someone who told it to me in a pub) #4 And beautiful Shellharbour (no excuses or technology needed)

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There is no reality – how we understand risk

Say a routine scan found a lump in your breast (or testicle if you’re a man, but let’s stick with breasts for the purpose of the story). Say the doctor said that, without any treatment, you had a 90% chance … Continue reading

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