School holiday torpor – How modern technology helps modern families



#3 (stolen from a friend of someone who told it to me in a pub)


And beautiful Shellharbour (no excuses or technology needed)


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2 Responses to School holiday torpor – How modern technology helps modern families

  1. Jann Zintgraff says:

    “In my day”,as Alain says “children were not only not a subject of conversation,it was not considered that they needed entertaining.”SO ,what has changed???I guess firstly ,less children in and on the street,streets [seen as ]more dangerous,strangers seen as more dangerous [even children feel this I remember Amara always having a fear of Kidnapping …following reading a bill board about Samantha White,who of course was killed by someone she knew….I always said to Amara that knowing her she would scream so loudly that the kidnapper would lose no time in bringing her back to get rid of the noise..With out modern technology we relied on our imagination which was highly developed as our parents generally ignored us and got on with their own lives.Also of course we had the dreaded “CHORES” which took up a conciderable amount of time .Stay at home school hols were spent cleaning out cupboards ,sorting all manner of things ,polishing all of our parents[as well as our own] shoes ,in my case riding boots,not forgetting my mothers leather hand bags.We cleaned the cars,the windows,the silver ,as well as silver jewellery..Come to think of it ,we were exploited..However we did recieve money for chores…small amounts which we thought were enormous at the time.We did go camping in summer lived on baked bean jaffles,no entertainment except the other kids in the camping ground ,the water,the beach,and the occassional religious person with butcher paper and crayons who told extrodinary tales which we atheists had never heard before.Who knows which era is better .Certainly 60 odd years ago it was easier in some ways on parents. In the end school holidays provide a life long store of memories. I loved your paintings. xxxes Jann

  2. Judy says:

    I’d missed this one Jane.

    Love your paintings but think I liked my childhood school holidays better. Yes, even the cleaning of family silver (we didn’t ahve much but it seemed like a lot as we rubbed hard with the Silvo) and certainly the time available to go out and ride the horse or swim in the dam.

    Even now, my preferrred holidays involve going to a place that is technology-free. How can one get in touch with the real world with all those pesky techno interruptions? Jusy wish I couold find a legitimate way to really switch off the technology when ‘out of range’. The accumulated stuff to be dealt with when one returns sadly detracts from the revitalising impacts of the holiday.

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